Monday, July 9, 2012

Iceland beyond my wildest dreams!!

The five of us have just arrived at the residency. It is beyond any ones wildest dream
We five artists on the residency met for the first time on the regular bus that took us north to the Hofsos, the nearest town and a five hour drive—spectacular landscape—words cannot describe adequately. And it got better and better. The Art Center is on a fiord in an exquisite purpose built, specifically designed building with big glass windows looking out to the Arctic Ocean, with pastures, islands, dramatic skies and Icelandic horses. It is serene and expansive. The animals like everything else here are surprisingly beautiful and calm. Baer is a horse farm and the horses are half wild. They go to the valley in summer to run wild and are herded back to the farm in winter. It is amazing to see them running with the wind in their manes. As a complete beginner I get the opportunity to learn to ride one of these wonderful beasts.
The studios are 400 sq ft with a small bedroom and bathroom at one side and the buildings are painted white throughout and illuminated by a skylight in the roof. Steinunn who owns the farm is an architect and designed the buildings with a colleague. Amazingly, she is funding this herself. 

It is difficult to stop working with 24 hours of daylight. The light changes dramatically and rapidly. I have tried to photograph the fiord and I just can't do it justice. It is almost 12:00PM and the sun is low in the sky but shining brightly and it feels like early evening. I must say it is very cold and fairly windy out there and I will need all my layers when I go off  to pursue my project tomorrow. 

I was in Reykjavik for 3 days before coming here and the center of the city is very charming and colorful. A new friend and fellow artist at the residency Linda Simmel and I had met up on the 6th in Reykjavik and we spent a restorative afternoon yesterday at the blue lagoon on the outskirts of the city. It is a natural thermal pool/spar within the lava beds, surrounded by volcanoes. The pool has a steaming geyser at its center generating hot, blue/white water. White silica mud, responsible for the whiteness in the water, we daubed all over anything in need of rejuvenation. The bottom of the pool is white/black glass, black lava scree and smooth lava rock. It was very cleansing and relaxing and a much needed after the long flight—I feel 10 years younger!
There is much more to say abut reykjavik and my companions but it is definitely time for me to sleep!!

Please email if you have any comments or want to know more about particular things. 
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Definitely time to get some sleep!

                                                              Detail - Blue Lagoon
                                        Reykjavik city center
                                        View from the studio building at Baer

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  1. Hello Diana!
    So wonderful to read your first post from the cold country. It sounds fantastic already. I just wish I had fit into your suitcase!!

    Can't wait to hear more. Much love,
    j o h a n n a